IAGD Social Hall/GYM Rental

To book the hall please submit the request form at the bottom of this page. For more information about booking the hall give us a call at (248) 852-5657 ext 11.

Facility Rental & Reservations

Social Hall Rental Rates and Booking :

The rates for renting IAGD's Social Hall for private functions are listed below. The Social Hall is available for renting to both members and non-members. A variety of events can be held in this new facility, including Weddings, Graduation parties, Dinners, Seminars and several other events.

Formal Events(Optional):

Formal Events that are done through IAGD include linen table covers, napkins, china and chaffing dishes for a fixed rental of $2,000 for gatherings.

Non-Formal Events :

Rental charge includes round tables, chairs, banquet tables and tea/coffee percolators. Cleaning charges will be applied on a cost recovery basis. There will be an additional charge of $200 for use of kitchen facilities for cooking For all rentals, use of kitchen for warming of food is included free as part of the hall rental.

Not Allowed:

Playing of music or dancing or serving of food or beverages that are not permissible in Islam (example: pork, alcoholic beverages). Use of adhesive tapes on walls.

Contacts: For additional details of Rental Rates, Availability and for Booking, please call IAGD Administration at 248-852-5657 ext. 11

Rental Hall Fees Deposit
Full Hall $500(Members) $250
$650(Non-Members) $325
Half Hall $300 (Members) $150
$450(Non-Members) $225
Kitchen $200 (To be used day of)
Gym $1000 (Event set ONLY in gym)  $500
$200 (Buffet is served in gym)
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Prayer Timings

Friday’s Khutba: First at 1:45 PM – Second at 3:30 PM

Sunday Dhur Salah at 1:45PM 

Monthly Tahajjud Salah: Second Sunday two hours prior to Fajr 

Iqamah times change every Friday except during the month of Ramadan

Please note the Adhan-Time is when the time of each prayer begins


Clean Up
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