Every Sunday During Ramadan

Event Date Start Time End Time location
06 - 11 - 2017 After Asr Salaat

Imam Aly Lela will be answering questions every Sunday during Ramadan after Asr Salaat beginning May 28th at IAGD

Prayer Timings

Friday’s Khutba: First at 1:45 PM – Second at 3:30 PM

Sunday Dhur Salah at 1:45PM 

Monthly Tahajjud Salah: Second Sunday two hours prior to Fajr 

Iqamah times change every Friday except during the month of Ramadan

Please note the Adhan-Time is when the time of each prayer begins


Clean Up
  •  at 10:00 am - 13:00 pm
  • 21
  • Apr