Funeral Services

When a loved one dies, families are overwhelmed with countless things to arrange during a time they are in shock and grief. Many arrangements have to be made almost simultaneously.

Please contact IAGD as quickly as possible to make arrangements for the funeral service. Since IAGD does not have a 24-hr staff, it may take a few phone calls and/or emails to be certain IAGD will be ready for the funeral service and burial. To contact IAGD call/email the following:

Admin Asst. 248-852-5657, ext 11 – to inform of date/time of funeral service (janazza prayer), request Imam Aly Lela or Mufti Rabbani to officiate at the service, and if the family wishes to have an email announcement of the funeral or Quran khattam/khwani at IAGD. Click here for a workform of information.

Michigan requires a licensed funeral director to have custody of the deceased. While any local funeral home can make the necessary arrangements, most of them are not familiar with Islamic burial requirements and families using those facilities should be prepared to educate them along the way. There is one local Muslim funeral director in the area:
Rahman Funeral Home (313.366.2310) or (248.766.4916 or 313.999.4953)

Once the funeral director has been contacted, it is important to have a cemetery plot ready. If a plot was pre-purchased, inform the funeral director and contact the cemetery. There are several Muslim cemeteries in southeast Michigan but they are in closer proximity to other masajid; if using those cemeteries, it is advisable to have the funeral service (janazza salat) at a masjid closest to the burial site.

The nearest cemetery to IAGD with accommodations for Islamic burial is White Chapel Cemetery, located at 621 W. Long Lake Road in Troy. Their phone number is 248-362-7693. When contacting the cemetery to purchase a plot, ask for a plot in the Muslim section. Plots (and related fees) must be paid for prior to burial and burial time may be limited by White Chapel hours of operation and staffing.

Families unable to afford burial should contact the IAGD Zakat committee (248.852.5657, ext __) with a request for financial assistance.