Marriage Services

Marriage in Islam is a contract. When entering into a contract - especially one that is intended to last a lifetime - it is important to plan ahead. Marriage is a life-changing event. While guests may focus on the wedding-day parties, the man and woman about to be married need to prepare for a life together.

Once engaged, the couple should make an appointment and meet with Mufti Rabbani (248-852-5657, for pre-marital counseling session. Pre-marital counseling will answer questions for the bride and groom, discuss their rights and responsibilities in marriage, and help to ensure they are entering into marriage conscientiously with open hearts. Details of the mahr (dowry) and other terms included in the nikkah contract should be worked out and understood by both parties prior to the wedding day.

When setting the wedding date, the couple (or their families) should check to be sure the imam is available to perform the marriage (nikkah) ceremony on the proposed date and request he add the wedding to his calendar.