Overview & Updates

IAGD began its expansion in late 2016. All structural work is complete. All exterior work is completed. Interior work is in progress. Please see the latest update.

  1. Plumbing contractor is done with rough plumbing inside the new building except for a few small things which should be done in a few days. The rough plumbing inspection is already scheduled for next week by the City, Inshaa Allah.
  2. HVAC contractor is done with rough HVAC work and will also be calling for inspection by the City next week.
  3. Electrical Contractor needs 4 more weeks before he can call for inspection. He is working on installing about 50 extra lights to the exterior and interior of the buildings recently recommended by the Architect. He is also working on the building exterior to install the light pole bases next week.
  4. The Irrigation contractor will be starting work next week to install the sleeves under the parking area.
  5. EIFS contractor is working on creating sample for the Architect. Once approved he will start working on installation of EIFS.
  6. Fire Suppression contractor completed flush inspection 2 weeks ago.
  7. Carpenter is finalizing rough carpentry work. Once rough electrical inspection is done, we will be calling for rough inspection of the entire building required by the City.
  8. Once all inspections described above are done, the insulation work can start. Unfortunately, because of supply chain issues due to COVID, insulation is not available in the market. We ordered it several months ago and the new scheduled delivery is in September.
  9. As soon as the insulation work is done in September, we will, Inshaa Allah, start the dry wall work in October.
  10. Auburn road work is scheduled to start on 7/21/21, a day after Eid-ul-Adha. As a result, the Auburn Road entrance to the Masjid will be closed from 21st of July onwards until we finish Auburn Road expansion which will tentatively be done by the end of October.
  11. Electrical Contractor is working with DTE to get the new transformer installed. Again, this work has been somewhat delayed due to shortage of materials.Also, we are working on getting Dumpster gate installed so we can move the dumpster from existing location to the new location. The existing dumpster gate and walls have to be demolished.


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